Who We Are

We are the ambitious kids who decided to find a path to their success almost two decades ago. After years of hard and passionate attempt, we learnt English academically and found our ways to professional courses such as IELTS. Now, it’s been about 10 years that we are pros in IELTS Mentorship and here we help prospective engineers, doctors and technicians open doors to their success learning English and taking international exams like IELTS, PTE, CAE, etc.

Let us take your hand and help you with your academic journey.

Our Education

Our board of instructors are all well-educated with academic degrees and educational qualifications. Mostly, we are mentors who have paved the path for the newcomers and aside from qualifications, we have already done what you are about to face.

Our Story

The story of Exir traces back to many years ago when we had to teach more that 30 books for an IELTS preparation course, from each book some parts only. Then, Sajjad Hosseini and Mahmoud Mehrallian decided to author some pamphlets to make an all-in-one solution. Then, Exir meaning Elixir was born. Through the following years, an education institute was founded and it continued its path to international worldwide atmosphere.

12 Million Students Mentored
4 Million Courses Held
12 Thousand Slides Created
5 Books Authored

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